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How Can You Tell When An Elderly Person Can’t Live Alone?

If your older parent lives alone, you may have difficulty determining if they need more help around the house or if long-term car

e or assisted living is the best option.

Before you search for a “nursing home near me,” look at these signs that your loved one may be struggling.

If you notice these signs, assisted living could be the best solution to ensure your loved one’s safety. At Colonial Oaks at Campbell Park, we offer 24-hour care from a trained, compassionate staff in Garland, Texas.


If your loved one seems tired, they may not get enough sleep due to insomnia. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other severe health conditions can lead to poor sleeping habits and keep your loved ones awake all night. Lack of sleep can also lead to poor health. If you’re concerned that they never seem well-rested, assisted living facilities could be the solution to ensure that your loved one is cared for.

Frequent Falls or Injury-prone Behavior

One of the leading causes of elderly injuries is falling in the home. Without proper medical attention, falls can have severe long-term consequences. If you don’t live with your elderly family member, you might not immediately know if they are injuring themselves. An older person who has frequent falls may:

If you notice these signs, it may be time to bring up the subject of assisted living facilities offering higher levels of care for their safety.

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Confusion or Defensiveness

Is your loved one overly protective when you ask about their health or capabilities? Are they having issues answering simple questions? Do they have problems recalling where they live or become lost in their neighborhood?

Paranoia, high mistrust of others (including you or your family), or excessive forgetfulness are signs that it may be time to transition to an assisted living facility.

Dramatic Weight Loss

You may notice your family member’s clothes fit loosely or that they have lost weight. Untreated or undiagnosed conditions can contribute to health issues. If they cannot care for themselves alone, your loved one may forget to eat or be unable to manage their nutritional habits properly. Forgetfulness can cause malnourishment, impacting their long-term health.

Difficulty Completely Daily Activities

A loved one living with Alzheimer’s may struggle to remember when to take a shower or how to perform primary personal care like combing their hair or brushing their teeth.

Mental and physical diseases can suppress cognitive functions and cause your family member to ignore, forget, or neglect their personal care.

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Mail or newspapers piling up on the front porch alone doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one cannot live independently. But does your loved one also have issues cooking, dressing, or balancing their checkbook?

Lack of performing everyday activities, household chores, and essential self-care can indicate that your loved one needs assistance keeping up with their daily routine.

Change in Habits or Home Life

Pay attention if your family member stops wanting to visit you and stays at home except for the most basic errands (groceries, gas, haircut). Their lack of socialization can lead to reclusiveness and depression.

Your loved one’s internet habits could be another indicator. Are they friending suspicious or unknown people, giving money to causes they never supported in the past or buying online excessively?

Assisted Living Near Me: Find the Support Your Family Needs at Colonial Oaks Senior Living

Consider assisted living or a nursing home if you recognize any of the above signs in your loved one. Although the transition may feel challenging, leaving your elderly family member to live alone could be dangerous. At Colonial Oaks Senior Living, located in beautiful Garland, Texas, we are dedicated to giving residents the care they need in a welcoming environment.

At our senior living facility, residents can enjoy daily living and independence with support from our caring team. We know your family member will appreciate our Texas-size hospitality with personalized attention and care.

For help choosing a good assisted living facility and more information on assisted living in Garland, contact Colonial Oaks Senior Living at (972) 530-4182.

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