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Different Training That Assisted Living Facility Caregivers Have

What Training Do Assisted Living Facility Caregivers Receive?

Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility or a nursing home comes with a lot of challenges. One of the first questions most families ask is whether the facility’s staff members have the qualifications to care for their loved one. The staff at any long-term care facility require state-mandated credentials to do their jobs properly, but those levels of training can vary between states, and some facilities exceed the minimum state requirements.

The experts at Colonial Oaks at Leawood share some insights into questions you have about assisted living facilities and the levels of training they require for their employees. Not all types of training are equal, and not all employees require the same type of training.

Assisted Living Facility Caregivers

Different Training for Different Staff Positions

The amount and type of training an assisted living facility’s staff members need to have will vary based on the staff member’s role. Staff members who work directly with residents and help with their daily activities face different requirements than those who work behind the scenes.

• Medical professionals, such as registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, must keep their certifications current at all times during their employment at the facility. This involves knowledge of a vast spectrum of topics, from staying up-to-date on healthcare issues to maintaining patient privacy.

• Medical paraprofessionals, such as nursing aides and support staff, need recurring training on how to help residents with their activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as how to deal with residents having common medical issues as well as mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

• Maintenance personnel and housekeepers should have training that focuses on the things they will deal with daily, such as antimicrobial sanitation, reducing fall risks, and avoiding safety hazards.

• Food preparation staff need training in nutrition for seniors with varying medical conditions as well as food safety.

What Training Should All Caregivers Have?

Every staff member at an assisted living facility, from the administrators to the custodial crew, needs to have ongoing training in at least a few categories.

At a minimum, everybody at the assisted living facility should know the facility’s procedures and how the facility complies with the many state rules and regulations that govern senior care. They should also know the proper channels for reporting lapses they discover in these requirements.

Because assisted living facilities care for some of our most vulnerable citizens, the entire staff should also have training in infectious disease prevention. This ranges from regular handwashing to recognizing the signs of contagious illnesses. One observant janitor can make a huge difference in the size and scope of a disease outbreak in senior living.

Reputable senior care facilities will perform background checks on all their staff prior to their first day of work. At a minimum, these checks should screen potential employees for a history of violence, theft, or neglect.

Finally, many assisted living facilities require all their staff to maintain CPR and first aid certifications. If a resident has a health crisis at the facility, the quick response of staff can completely change the emergency’s outcome.

The Many Benefits of Comprehensive Staff Training

Giving elderly people the combination of care and independence they deserve is hard work, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Working in an assisted living facility requires the ability to provide multiple levels of care to many residents at a time.

When looking at assisted living facilities for your aging family member, you should prioritize the ones that provide their employees with comprehensive training. Ask the facility what requirements it has for its staff, and learn what the minimum requirements are in your area.

The better trained an assisted living facility’s staff members are, the better care they can provide to your loved one. Everyone, including residents, staff, and families, can benefit from a culture of education and safety.

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