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8 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help

elderly parent needs

As our loved ones age, it’s essential to pay attention to signs that they may need assistance with senior living facilities. Colonial Oaks at Arlington, located in Arlington, TX, specializes in senior care and is here to provide expert guidance on recognizing these signs and taking appropriate action. In this article, we’ll discuss eight key indicators that your elderly parent may require assistance

1. Changes in Personal Hygiene

One of the initial signs to look out for is a decline in personal hygiene. If your parent once took great pride in their appearance but now neglects grooming, it could be indicative of physical or cognitive challenges that necessitate senior living facilities.

2. Unexplained Bruises or Injuries

Frequent unexplained bruises or injuries may suggest balance issues or falls, which can be a significant concern for seniors. Senior living facilities can provide a safer environment with professional assistance.

3. Forgetfulness and Confusion

Memory lapses and confusion can be early signs of cognitive decline. If your parent frequently forgets important details or struggles with day-to-day tasks, senior living facilities equipped to handle memory care may be the best solution.

4. Decline in Housekeeping

A once tidy home becoming cluttered and unclean may signal that your parent is finding it increasingly challenging to maintain their living space. Senior living facilities offer housekeeping services to ensure a clean and safe environment.

5. Social Isolation

Seniors often experience loneliness, but excessive social isolation can have adverse effects on their well-being. If your parent withdraws from social activities and avoids contact with friends and family, consider senior living facilities with a vibrant community.

6. Medication Mismanagement

Managing multiple medications can become complicated for seniors. If you notice your parent missing doses or taking the wrong medications, it’s essential to explore senior living facilities with medication management services.

7. Decreased Mobility

Physical mobility can decline with age, impacting your parent’s ability to perform everyday tasks safely. Senior living facilities offer assistance and amenities designed to support seniors with mobility challenges.

Decreased Mobility

Decreased Mobility

8. Weight Loss and Poor Nutrition

Weight loss and a decline in nutrition can result from difficulty cooking, a lack of appetite, or other health issues. Senior living facilities typically provide well-balanced meals and nutritional support to ensure residents’ health.

Recognizing these signs is the first step in ensuring your elderly parent receives the care they need. Colonial Oaks at Arlington is committed to helping families in Arlington, TX, navigate senior living options and provide expert guidance throughout the process.

Seeking Expert Advice

When you observe these signs in your elderly parent, it’s crucial to seek expert advice. Colonial Oaks at Arlington offers comprehensive senior living facilities that cater to various needs, including assisted living and memory care. Our experienced staff can assess your parent’s requirements and recommend the most suitable level of care.

Customized Care Plans

At Colonial Oaks at Arlington, we understand that each senior’s needs are unique. That’s why we create customized care plans to address their specific requirements and preferences. Our senior living facilities are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for residents.

Professional and Compassionate Staff

Our dedicated team of caregivers is trained to provide not only expert care but also emotional support. We believe in treating residents like family, ensuring they feel valued and cherished throughout their stay at our senior living facilities.

A Vibrant Community

Social interaction is vital for seniors’ mental and emotional well-being. Our senior living community in Arlington, TX, fosters a vibrant and friendly atmosphere where residents can make new friends and enjoy various activities and events.

Peace of Mind for Families

Choosing senior living facilities can be a challenging decision for families. Colonial Oaks at Arlington strives to offer peace of mind by providing top-notch care and maintaining open communication with families. We understand that the well-being of your loved one is of the utmost importance.

Schedule a Tour Today

If you’ve recognized any of the signs mentioned in this article in your elderly parent, don’t hesitate to reach out to Colonial Oaks at Arlington. We’re here to offer guidance and support in choosing the right senior living solution. Schedule a tour of our facilities today to see firsthand how we can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.


Recognizing the signs that your elderly parent needs help is a crucial step in ensuring their well-being and safety. By paying attention to changes in personal hygiene, unexplained injuries, forgetfulness, and other indicators, you can make an informed decision about senior living facilities. 

Colonial Oaks at Arlington, located in Arlington, TX, is your trusted partner in this journey, offering expert guidance and top-quality care tailored to your parent’s needs. Contact us today at 901-235-2421 for assistance and schedule a tour to explore our senior living options.


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