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Concerns In An Assisted Living Facility

How to Deal with Issues or Concerns in an Assisted Living Facility

You want the best care for your loved one and assisted living facilities are often the perfect choice. A nursing home can offer personalized 24/7 care and ensure a quality of life and independence that might not otherwise be possible.

Despite the numerous advantages of long-term care facilities, there’s bound to be an adjustment period as your loved one settles into their new home.

Along the way, it’s normal for you to have concerns about medication, food preferences, daily activities, and overall levels of care. You’re inevitably going to need to speak with someone about these issues.

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5 Tips to Effectively Deal with Issues or Concerns in an Assisted Living Facility

If you’ve never dealt with a nursing home before, you might be wondering about the best way to deal with any problems you have as your loved one settles in.

This article outlines our top five recommendations for addressing concerns in a way that increases the chances of a positive outcome and a healthy long-term relationship with your loved one’s assisted living facility.

1. Communicate Early and Often

Communication is vital, and it’s better to address issues early – before they become anger-fueled outbursts. A quality assisted living facility will be happy to discuss your concerns.

We also recognize that it’s better to resolve something as soon as it arises rather than wait until emotions are running hot.

Arlington, Texas, is known as “The American Dream City,” and while there are a lot of components to living the American dream, having peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands can go a long way to realizing that dream!

We prioritize communication as a top-rated assisted living facility in Arlington, TX.

2. Ask Questions (and Frame Them Properly)

When angry, afraid, or stressed, it’s natural to lash out and begin by making statements and accusations. A better approach is to frame your concern as a question, preferably an open-ended one.

For example, instead of complaining that your loved one doesn’t seem alert and accusing the staff of not administering (or over-administering) medication, you could ask to see a schedule of when medications are given and how the staff documents compliance.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Share Preferences and Expectations

Any new home takes an adjustment period. While an assisted living facility will likely have a pre-determined schedule, menus, and protocols, that doesn’t mean that everything is set in stone or that accommodation can’t be made.

If your loved one has a favorite meal or a preferred bathing time, please communicate that information to the facility to find out if anything can be rearranged to fit those preferences.

4. Document the Issues

If you do observe anything that doesn’t look or feel right, write it down. Note the date, time, situation, and any person you spoke to or interacted with. Often, if you have a concern, it can be a part of a pattern that the facility management is not yet aware of.

By sharing specifics, the issue can be addressed before it becomes wide-scale.

5. Address the Right Person with Your Concern

Once you’ve decided to communicate your concern, the next step is identifying the right person to speak with.

In general, the Executive Director or Administrator is frequently the senior person in the community to address any concerns that arise. You can begin by reaching out to that person.

If the community is part of a giant corporation, there is often another layer of management to address concerns that are not resolved at the community level. You can file a report with the state’s oversight agency for extreme concerns where you suspect abuse or systematic neglect.

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Arlington is ranked number 10 on the list of most affordable cities for early retirement, and that includes assisted living facilities. Choosing a good, assisted living facility is vital for maintaining a high quality of life in one’s golden years.

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We take our advice and believe in proactive communication. If you’ve been looking for “assisted living near me” to accommodate a loved one, we encourage you to contact Colonial Oaks to learn more.

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