Compassionate Memory Care Programs and Activities

Memory Care

Finding the rhythm in each day.

Our trademarked Rhythm of the Day Memory Care Program is rooted in the idea that helping you find your rhythm creates invigorating and meaningful moments.  Each of our comfortable villages are thoughtfully designed to help you be your best self, regardless of your memory impairment. We believe daily routines create harmony and security—just as a steady rhythm is the foundation of a soaring melody. Working together, we use holistic approaches to help you stay healthy while safely enjoying your life.

A beautiful song begins with a single note.

Think of your favorite song…you know, the one that alternates between quiet croons and catchy beats. Just a few notes can brighten those gloomy mornings. Our Rhythm of the Day program takes the same approach to memory care. Together, we build a plan just like an artist writes a song, carefully crafting each moment with you in mind.

Our Rhythm of the Day program is designed with three personalized programs, each carefully curated to help you be your best self.


Like a beautiful solo, our Melody program is for residents who benefit from consistent routines, while still allowing space and time for as much independence as possible.


Sometimes you need a little extra support. Our Harmony program works hand in hand to bring out the best parts of your day while keeping you safe.


Our Symphony program works carefully to orchestrate each element of your day. The program includes additional support specially designed to keep you at your best.

Different by design.

Our philosophy is to blend a comforting, home-like environment with holistic-centered programming and services. Integral to this environment is a team of compassionate, highly trained associates that work together with you and your family to create an enhanced quality of life.

Before you move in, we’ll work with you and your family to create a confidential baseline assessment of of your abilities that creates an individualized program focusing on what you can and enjoy doing, not just what you need assistance with.

At Colonial Oaks, our primary focus is on your health and comfort. We provide 24-hour support based on each person’s needs. As a member of our Rhythm of the Day program, you’ll find meaningful moments in each day paired with specialized care for all forms of Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory impairment. 

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