National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Located in Albuquerque, NM, the one-of-a-kind National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is the only museum in America with a permanent collection chronicling more than eight decades’ worth of atomic contributions. Chartered by Congress under Public Law 102-190, it houses some truly groundbreaking pieces that have helped shape our world, including bombsights and fuse boxes from World War II-era airplanes; trinity bomb tests conducted here way back—you can even see where they did their research. There are also plenty other artifacts stored away waiting to be discovered.

One of the most important things in today’s world is nuclear technology. From powering homes to going on space missions, this form of energy has been around for 70 years. And there are many different facets that make up its history, including how it was discovered as well what people think about when they hear “Atomic.” The National Atomic Museum strives to be America’s resource for all things related to nuclear history and science – presenting exhibits that convey both historical contexts happening right now through quality educational programs designed just so you can learn more than ever before.

Explore the history and current events at the Museum of Science and History. Permanent exhibits focus on: Pioneers who questioned matter from different perspectives, such as Albert Einstein or Marie Curie; A-bomb casing collection that includes pieces warped by heat exposure in flight.  

The iconic National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is home to several artifacts from historic nuclear tests, including the only full-size replica of “Gadget” and Trinity Test Tower. The museum also houses many modern warheads in addition to two casings found at Palomares after an incident where they were deployed as part of Britain’s bomb program during WW II until 1998. A WE 177 Bomb (British), Norden Bombsight, and two other pieces concerning this topic are available for viewing.

Visitors to the museum will be amused and educated by a variety of exhibits. For instance, they can view several kitschy products created during America’s Atomic Age, such as early fluoroscope X-rays or PRISM 2000 XP Gamma camera with some other modern imaging technology on display.

The beautiful museum offers a wide range of interesting educational programs to meet the needs and interests of all ages. These include in-house classes, professional development sessions with educators from around New Mexico, guest speaker appearances, or an annual special event every month. They also have birthday parties space available so your child can get their education out there while exploring what it means to be “trained” at this wonderful place – The Museum Of Natural History. 

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