Colonial Oaks at Katy

Carmelita White

Executive Director

Carmelita brings over 16 years of health care leadership experience with an emphasis on senior care.  Most recently, she served as an Executive Director for Embark Senior Living in Houston. Prior to Carmelita’s move to Houston, she was the Executive Director for Symphony Senior Living in Atlanta, GA.

Claudia Carr

Community Relations Director

Claudia got to Texas as soon as she could, 40 years ago. About 25 years ago she started in hospice. She knew she had found where she was supposed to be. It was where she felt she made a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. After 25 years, she was recruited to Colonial Oaks, primarily because of her hospice background. Claudia knows she is making a difference again, but she knows the residents and their families make biggest impact on her life. Claudia has been married 35 years. Has 4 grown children; 3 precious granddaughters ages 4-24 and 1 more granddaughter on the way. She loves staying busy with her growing family!

Melarie De Los Santos

Community Relations Director

Melarie was raised in the Bronx, New York! Moved to Texas because mom was in the military, loved it and decided to make it home. Melarie has been serving seniors for over 4 years. Melarie is a very passionate and driven person. She is devoted to her job and the well-being of our seniors. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.