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Preparing for Hurricane Laura

As we all prepare for potential impacts of Hurricane Laura, the safety and well-being of our residents and staff is our highest priority.  We have long-established and tested emergency preparedness plans in place that help our communities prepare for all emergencies, including storms. This morning, we activated our storm watch program which means our community closely monitors the weather and double checks all supply levels, systems and plans to ensure everything is ready for implementation if needed.

Cornerstones of our emergency plan include:

  • An experienced, trained and tireless team who are focused on providing uninterrupted care for our residents.
  • A backup supply of food and water to keep residents well-fed and our community clean in the event of service disruption from suppliers.
  • Generators stationed at the community in the event of loss of power. 
  • Direct communication with local emergency response officials to keep us up to date and provide access to additional services, should we need them.
  • Coordinated and rehearsed evacuation and relocation plans designed to provide safe and timely transportation, should the need arise.

While we have plenty of supplies for everyone, we know many of you like to drop off items to your loved ones. So that our team can remain focused on ensuring plans are carefully executed by our team, we ask that you complete all deliveries by tomorrow 8/25 at 5pm.  Please ensure your items are labeled with the resident name and apartment number.  Please leave them outside so we can disinfect them prior to delivering them to your loved one.  

As we have during prior storms, our plan is for everyone to remain in the community (shelter in place.)  If this changes for any reason, we will communicate accordingly

This page will be updated as information changes or becomes available. As always, it is our privilege to love and serve you and yours.