Granville Arts Center

This arts center in Texas is a place where people can enjoy the outdoors and indoors at any time of year. The Patty Granville Arts Center has been around for over 50 years, offering everything from plays to concerts and functioning as an indoor complex to host any event, like weddings, graduation parties, etc.

Visit the Patty Granville Arts Center, a renowned venue for performances and special events. The two theaters are set in beautiful downtown Garland, TX where you can enjoy their award-winning Atrium facility or place yourself upon one of many comfortable seats to watch your favorite performance on stage. The Granville Arts Center is a legendary venue in the city of Garland. Not only does it have multiple stages and theaters for plays, concerts, or ballets, they also screen free movies on weekends. Check their website to see what’s happening at this historic building today (and don’t forget that there are more things than just theater).

The Brownlee Auditorium at the Granville Arts Center has been a place of musical entertainment for over thirty years. The venue’s rich history includes everything from touring shows and symphony performances to Garland Summer Musicals. The arts center not only features a grand Atrium banquet hall with seating up to 500 people but also the exquisite Art Deco Plaza Theatre on its Downtown Square. The Garland facilities host performances by affiliate groups and other organizations throughout Southwest Texas all year long

The Granville Arts Center is a professional performing arts center with intimate seating for 200 people. The stadium-style seats are curved and have complete curtain access, perfect for watching plays or musicals in peace. Thanks to the complete booth-controlled lighting system that provides just enough glow from overhead lamps and soundproofing properties, you’ll feel like you’re right on stage. Your enjoying time away won’t be interrupted by other distractions around town. This venue also has deluxe dressing rooms available if needed after performances; two green rooms which can serve both cooking functions during downtime between shows; and plenty more space inside, including meeting areas, rehearsal halls, etc.

The Granville Arts Center is the perfect place to host your next event! Whether you are looking for an intimate concert or large-scale production, this venue offers unparalleled quality and value. The beautiful historic building can accommodate up 600 people. The venue often sees audiences exceeding 1,200 when their events include seminars, receptions, and performances by traveling musicians from all over North America. 

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