Forney Museum of Transportation

The Forney Museum of Transportation is a unique Denver attraction that houses an extensive collection originally started with the private one for J.D., who founded his company in 1887. Bruce’s love of cars started with a special antique vehicle in 1961. His wife and children presented him with an unusual, one-of-a-kind car that kickstarted his passion for collecting these types from time immemorial.

The Forney Museum of Transportation houses a vast collection that ranges from the smallest machines to some truly immense ones. This includes cars, big boy locomotives, and even Herbie The Love Bug. The Forney Museum of Model railroads in Denver houses an extensive collection that includes many rare pieces. It continues to expand with the help of dedicated individuals like Mr. Fornier, who was instrumental in bringing this institution into existence.

Situated at 4303 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216, the humorously silly museum has mannequins with silly eyes posed around and in these vehicles. It’s a very strange museum indeed, but if you’re looking for what to do it shouldn’t be missed. What would you say if I told stories about the many different types of vehicles that are displayed at The Forney Museum? Each one has its own interesting story to tell, and they range from cars, buses, or trucks – it’s hard not knowing where this will lead.

The museum was founded in 1960 by an antique collector who had started with just one vehicle, quickly evolving into a collection spanning over 600 artifacts relating specifically to historical transportation. There must be plenty more than what we’ve seen hidden inside these walls with so much depth. The world is your playground with this list of items, from vehicles to buggies, motorcycles, etc. There’s something here for everyone who loves collecting anything historical or nostalgic in the manner they prefer- whether it be on foot (or horse), steam-powered train cars and engines, airplane models – there are still plenty of choices available.

The Forney Museum of Transportation is dedicated to preserving and displaying historically significant transportation items. The non-profit organization has its headquarters in Denver, CO, but its collection extends worldwide through donations from individuals who are equally passionate about these objects and purchases made with funds raised by selling artwork at auction or online. Their collection includes art, history, and technology from around the world; they hope it will inspire visitors in their own quest for knowledge about these things we take so much pride in sharing every day – our vehicles.

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