Important document check-list

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Let’s face it, we accumulate a lot of “important documents” in life. Often times, they end up in a nightstand, drawer, shoebox or a combination of all of these places. This family documents checklist is a good starting point to be sure you know where important documents are located…just in case!

Make any necessary additions and skip items that don’t apply. You should make sure the items on the list are easy to find, ideally organized in a fireproof filing cabinet, home safe or online document vault. We use file folders to organize things together so they are easy to find. 

Personal Financial Information
  • Appraisal or inventory of valuables

  • Automobile titles

  • Buy/sell or partnership agreements

  • Employer deferred compensation agreement documents

  • Federal/state gift-tax returns

  • Income-tax returns from prior years

  • Lawsuit or legal-actions pending documents

  • Loans outstanding or debts owed to you (promissory notes)

  • Mortgage documents

  • Prescription plan card/records

  • Property tax and school tax records

  • Real estate deeds, other titles of ownership

  • Rental or lease agreements

  • Trust agreements

Personal Paperwork (non-financial)
  • Birth Certificate

  • Citizenship or naturalization papers

  • Marriage certificate, prenuptial agreement

  • Divorce/separation papers

  • Passport number and expiration date

  • Social Security Card

  • Adoption Papers

Emergency Papers & Information
  • Powers of attorney/Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Living will/health care proxy

  • Key adviser and contact phone numbers, addresses

  • Lawyer, stockbroker, financial planner, etc.

  • Last will and testament

  • Military discharge papers and other records

  • Organ donor/anatomical gift statement

  • Burial instructions, cemetery plot, deed, prepaid cremation documents, preferences of funeral home, cremation or burial donations

  • Electronic Passwords

  • Safe and combination (especially important if any of these documents are kept inside!)

  • Safe deposit box and keys

Investment Documents
  • Annuity statements and policy documents

  • Bearer bonds, for which coupons are clipped for redemption

  • Brokerage account statements (include all IRAs, 401, etc.)

  • Investment club agreement

  • Retirement plan statements

  • Stock certificates not held in account

  • Passwords and log in data for all accounts and social media

Bank & Credit Accounts
  • Bank and credit union account statements and books, statements for individual retirement accounts,401k, etc.

  • Checks from checking or money market accounts

  • Credit cards, account statements

  • U.S. Savings Bonds

Insurance Documents
  • Group life and retirement policies (booklets, certificates)

  • Health and accident insurance ID cards and claim records

  • Life insurance policy documents

  • Mortgage insurance policy

  • Property and casualty policy documents (homeowners, auto, boat, etc)

  • Travel insurance policies

  • Veterans administration insurance papers

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