Denver Botanic Gardens

Anyone who wants a peaceful walk will find it at the Denver Botanic Gardens located at 1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206. This 24-acre site has stunning sights, including several sculptures, pools, and different garden types to explore. If you’re looking for something beautiful and different, then check out these two pieces by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. His “Colorado” is a substantial spiky red-and-yellow sculpture made from hundreds of small bottles filled with air; it looks like an autumn forest on fire. And there are also other fabulous creations by this famous artist, such as Deborah Butterfield’s horse stripped bare- you can see her detailed brushstrokes through its fleshy skin right down to each strand of fur.

Denver’s beautiful and diverse Denver Botanic Gardens is a public garden sacred to visitors from near or far. The 23-acre park contains many different types of plants, including ones that can only be found in this part universe. There are also green spaces dedicated specifically towards your children so they may explore nature without fear while learning more about it themselves through interactive programs offered each week, dependent on seasonality.

The Denver Botanic Gardens are a place where people can enjoy the beauty of nature. There is always something new to see at these gardens, whether flowers or animal exhibits. The York Street location has been our main attraction since its completion in 1892. Still, we also have other sites that showcase different qualities depending on your visit- from meadows with streams for hiking through riparian forests fulling populated by wildlife closeby to Mt Goliath summit, which offers stunning views during any hike up there as well an alpine wildflower garden along trails leading towards Mount Evans.

For a glimpse into the fascinating and beautiful world of Xeriscaping, check out these fantastic gardens. The Mordecai Children’s park offers an educational experience with its dry land flowers that are native only to locations near your home or office, while you’ll also get some exercise walking among them. For something more relaxing, take in one of the many Japanese landscapes before stopping at Monet pool, where bright pink lilies are lining each path – perfect for photography sessions under floodlights.

The Dryland Mesa is a world-renowned Xeriscape demonstration garden first created in 1986. The name change from the original “7 Principles” reflects this area’s dedication to sustainable landscaping practices, which include drought tolerant plants from both North America’s West Coast and Mediterranean regions.

The Denver Botanic Gardens is home to North America’s most extensive collection of plants from cold temperate climates worldwide and seven diverse gardens, mostly ones found in Colorado and neighboring states.

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