Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is home to one of the largest art collections in North America, with more than 70,000 works from across centuries and world cultures. With several buildings on four locations around downtown Colorado typical including two historic wings recently renovated at cost-saving expense thanks largely due to their 2005 merger, the DAM provides patrons not only outstanding historical European paintings but also Pacific Islander sculptures plus other global offerings that vary according to your interests or fancy.

The Denver Art Museum was founded in 1893 by artists who wanted to show their work outside of just local clubs and societies. In 1917, they changed the name from “Denver Artists Club” back into what it is now – simply ‘The museum.’ The first location for this institution opened up on Logan Street near 16th Avenue but wasn’t stable because of bomb damage sustained during World War II. Finally, there were enough people supporting an art gallery that didn’t solely focus only within Colorado borders; this way, pieces could travel outside state lines.

The Denver Art Museum is not only a place to visit but also an entire museum with many different zones that you can explore. Visitors will be awed by the beauty and diversity within this building, which Gio Ponti designed in 1971 for use as both a Western art gallery or natural history collection – it’s now known officially just called “The Martin Building.”

The 2018 renovations at the museum have been a resounding success. In addition to revitalizing and unifying Ponti’s original structure, these projects included two new dining options and exhibit space for all your museum needs. Whether you’re looking forward or searching back in time – this is one place where they’ll always find something worth seeing. The $150 million project not only transformed our beloved historic landmark but also ensured that we will be able to continue telling stories from every age group as we advance into generations yet unborn. The renovation of the Duncan Pavilion was completed in 2021, following Fentress Architects’ designs. The original building was torn down and replaced with an updated version that will host events for years into coming decades.

The Denver Art Museum houses one of the world’s greatest collections for modern art and has nine curatorial departments that specialize in different types or cultures’ artwork. For example, an entire department is dedicated solely to African arts, including sculptures from across all seas, including ones made out of wood and stone and ceramic pottery. The museum offers opportunities through its permanent exhibits, which change frequently based on funded research projects and traveling shows curated by outside experts.

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