Confluence Park

Once you’re in Denver, make your way to the historic Lower Downtown neighborhood where Confluence Park awaits. This urban park encompasses both Cherry Creek and South Platte River confluences giving it its name – “the conjunction” or meeting point between two major waterways that had long defined this area’s importance as an economic hub for trade on foot with Mexico City prior even before settlement by European Americans began here more than 150 years ago.

The confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River is a richly strategic location in Denver, Colorado. The 19th-century brick warehouses that line this riverside have been passionately preserved while still being berries for modern development; they serve as an architectural attraction to LoDo’s past identity.

In 1858, William Greeneberry Russell and his party were the first people to discover gold in this area. They found nuggets at confluence Park but good digging elsewhere on Little Dry Creek about four miles south of there. At that time, it was unknown what kind or quantity any prospector might obtain from their mine, so they called their finds “good,” which means plenty more where those came from. The discovery of gold in 1858 led to a sudden influx of people streaming into Colorado, and one place they went was Denver. The Xcel Energy substation that previously stood on this site had been relocated so developers could expand parkland just south towards downtown.

Confluence Park has something for everyone. The trails are often bustling with walkers, runners, and bikers. There are plenty of grassy areas to sit on. River overlooks offer great views across the South Platte River or Cherry Creek eager fish swimming below your feet while watching their favorite team play at home-field advantage stadium up ahead. Just off of Highway 160 in eastern Colorado, Confluence Park is home to one man’s dream. The South Platte River has been transformed into an inviting kayak run that immediately across from R.EI (Recreational Equipment Inc) flagship store on 16th Street near Lincoln Parkship rink- all part of their newest project” Confluences.”

This park is so much more than just your average picnic spot. Located right off of South Boulder Road, it borders an up-and-coming neighborhood with new townhouses and apartments nearby as well. The perfect place for a quick getaway from life’s hustle or even to enjoy some time spent relaxing on the lovely lawns surrounded by nature – there are plenty of opportunities here. This historic trolley is a great way to experience the downtown Denver neighborhoods, starting from Confluence Park. The route runs alongside South Platte River and takes you through some amazing spots such as LoDo (Lower Downtown), skyline including Sports Authority Field – Mile High Stadium, where Broncos games are played. 

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