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Companion Living

Explore all the benefits of Companion Living

The vast majority of residents who share suites tend to be happier and healthier. Living with a companion can be the single best way to turn loneliness into friendship…and friendship into family.

Reduce Your Expenses
No wonder sharing a suite makes you happier…companion living also saves money!

Ease the Transition
Moving to a new home can be challenging. Having a suite-mate can help you more quickly acclimate to the community.

Combat Loneliness
Let’s face it…loneliness can be a tough feeling to overcome. Companion living eliminates social isolation and helps foster friendship.

Bond and Connect
Companion living leads to genuine friendships and social engagement within the community.

Avoid Isolation
Sharing a suite helps relieve natural feelings of isolation and depression that can sometimes occur as we age.

Serve Others
Having a close neighbor often provides a sense of responsibility. It’s natural to be happy when we’re thinking of others.

Be Healthy
Companion living fosters better eating habits, better sleeping patterns and routine, mental stimulation and improved energy.

Get More Involved
Having someone nearby for support or encouragement often leads to more meaningful participation in social and life enrichment activities.

Extend Your Family
Friends and family of our suite-mates often become friends and family of each other…it’s like instant friends and family.

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