American International Rattlesnake Museum

The historical American International Rattlesnake Museum is a museum dedicated to the preservation of snakes, particularly those that are rattling. The goal? To educate visitors on how these misunderstood creatures can be so crucial for our environment and their future. The rattlesnakes at this museum are an important part of international research. The collection includes living specimens that can be studied, and their library has plenty of educational material for visitors who want to learn more about them.

The largest collection of different species in the world, this museum holds more than just snakes. You’ll find a live Gila monster and other memorabilia from around our planet’s jungles. The rattlesnake habitat will make you feel like your presence on earth isn’t appreciated at all until they start rattle away with their warning sound that sounds like thunder cracking open skies above us while lighting strikes nearby, bringing out every detail perfectly through glass walls which allow viewers access into another dimension.

The Rattlesnake Museum tells the fascinating story of how snakes have influenced human history and culture. These animals share an interesting connection with us, from hazardous pets to deadly enemies that cannot be ignored. Myth and legend are explored at this must-see Museum of the Southwest. Learn about animals that have been misunderstood for centuries, or get a dose of courage to face your fears. This rattlesnake museum offers an experience like no other, with interactive exhibits designed especially for kids (and adults). With fascinating displays on everything from serpents in ancient cultures worldwide down through mounts ago’s scariest monsters – there really is something here guaranteed not only to satisfy but also inspire you today

The renowned host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson, has a mug from the museum’s gift shop and prominently displays it on his show. He frequently promotes this artwork by talking about how he received it in 2009 as an award. It turns out that actor Mary McCormack gave him this prize after they had filmed their TV series In Plain Sight, which was set here at Albuquerque Studios.

The museum is an interactive learning experience for all ages. With over 50,000 visitors annually and 27 television appearances, including on the Disney Channel (twice), this museum has become a household name! In addition to its large collection of museum-sanctioned artifacts from around the world, you’ll find 22 books with pictures taken at our facility too – which makes us proud as punch because they’re ours.

The American International Rattlesnake Museum is a locally owned and operated business that has been working in the beautiful Albuquerque community for over 40 years. They are committed to preserving rattlesnakes, their history and teaching people about these animals through interactive exhibits.

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